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Mike's Indoor Garden Supply

Mike's Indoor Garden Supply is a complete indoor gardening and hydroponics store in the area of Arlington, WA. Here at Mike's Indoor Garden Supply, we stock quality greenhouse and indoor garden supplies for all your needs. We carry top gardening supply brands such as Sunlight Supply Inc., Lumatek, Active Aqua, Botanicare, Humboldt County's Own, Aurora Innovations, Foxfarm, General Hydroponics, Hydrofarm, Technaflora, Xtrasun, Active Air, Hortilux, C.A.P. and more to ensure you the highest yield for all your plantations and vegetations.

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Mike's Indoor Garden Supply Offers:

  • High quality propagation & growing medias; soil & containers
  • HID & flourescent lighting, and accessories
  • Hydroponic components & systems
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Ventilation, pH/ec/tds, CO2 & Enviro Controls
  • Nutrients, supplements, fertilizers and amendments for indoor and outdoor use
  • Portable garden rooms
  • Pest & disease control
  • Special order: greenhouses

Call Mike's Indoor Garden Supply at 360-474-1900 today for more information about our indoor garden and greenhouse gardening supplies.

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Mike's Indoor Garden Supply - 6121 172nd St. NE Bldg A Arlington, WA 98223
Mike's Indoor Garden Supply
6121 172nd St. NE Bldg A
Arlington, WA 98223

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Monday - Thursday: 9 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday - Sunday: 9 AM to 6:30 PM
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